TGA High Temperature Vacuum Weight Loss And Pyrolysis Analysis System

product introduction:

The product was developed to analyze the weight loss and pyrolysis weight (TGA) of materials burned in vacuum or atmosphere. It includes several parts, such as balance, heating furnace, temperature control system, recording system, etc., which can observe the changes of sample quality with temperature, time, vacuum degree and atmosphere state in the process of temperature rise, constant temperature or temperature drop. It is widely used in the research and development, process optimization and quality control of plastics, rubber, coatings, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, inorganic materials, metal materials and composite materials.

Configuration details

  1. Annular arrangement is adopted for furnace heating to reduce interference;

2. The weight sensor is made of precious metal ni-cr alloy, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. Separate the power supply and circulating heat dissipation from the main engine to reduce the influence of heat and vibration on the micro-thermal sensor;

4. Adopt upper electric pull structure, easy to install and operate;

5. Use the water bath thermostatic device to isolate the thermal influence of the heating furnace body on the cabinet and micro thermal balance;

Product model Vacuum vertical up-weighing pyrolysis analysis furnaceNBD-TGA100(TGA)
The main function 1. In the process of heating, constant temperature or cooling, the mass curve of the sample with temperature, vacuum degree, gas flow rate and time can be automatically recorded;

2. The following characteristics of the material are measured and studied: thermal stability, adsorption and desorption, quantitative analysis of composition, moisture and volatile, decomposition process, oxidation and reduction, influence of additives and fillers, reaction kinetics.

Electrical specifications AC380V   12KW
The highest temperature 1200 ℃/ 1500 ℃/ 1700 ℃(optional)
Maximum heating rate ≤  20 ℃/min
Heating zone length 400mm
Furnace tube material Quartz tube or corundum tube
Accuracy of weighing  sensor 0.01g(other precision can be selected)
Control system   1. Range of weighing sensor: 300g;

2. Temperature curve setting: 15 temperature curves can be stored in advance, and 30 “temperature-time” curves can be set for each one;

3. Control mode: PLC realizes automatic control of transmission mechanism, temperature module, ventilation, vacuum pumping and weighing module;

4. Control mode: kunlun tongtai 7-inch true color touch screen control, intelligent fuzzy PID control;

5. Data interface: USB data interface, support data export U disk and online printing;

6. Transmission mechanism: stepper motor drives ball screw for transmission, which is more stable and convenient for loading and unloading materials;

7. Data recording mode: automatically stored according to the set time interval;

8. Weighing module: unique weighing module, higher precision and stability.

The temperature precision +/- 1 ℃
Sealing system      
Pressure measurement and monitoring   Mechanical pressure gauges with damping oil are used to reduce the back and forth swing of the pointer.
Gas supply system   Built-in gas mass flowmeter, including two gas switching and flow control.
The net weight 350KG
Precautions for equipment use 1. When the furnace temperature of the equipment is ≥300℃, do not open the furnace to avoid damage;

2. When the equipment is in use, the pressure inside the furnace shall not exceed 0.125mpa (absolute pressure) to prevent damage caused by excessive pressure;

3. When used under high vacuum (10 to the minus 3 Pa), the operating temperature of the equipment shall not exceed 800℃.

Service support 1 year warranty with lifetime support (warranty does not include consumable parts such as furnace tube and sealing ring).
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