Oxygen-free cleaning furnace for melt-blown cloth nozzle

product introduction:

Oxygen-free cleaning and sintering furnaces (vacuum calcination furnaces, vacuum atmosphere cleaning furnaces) of melt-blown cloth nozzles are based on market demand and the pain points produced by customers. It is suitable for the cleaning of 0.2 ~ 0.25mm micro-holes of 300/450/600/800 nozzles, and the polypropylene of high-melting finger fibers can be cleaned in an oxygen-free environment; friends are welcome to order. More specifications are provided by manufacturers.

Configuration details 

1. The clogged spray head is placed upside down in the furnace tube tray, and it is fed into a nitrogen atmosphere for protection, and the gas outlet end is ensured without blocking;
n2. High-purity Al2O3 fiber refractory insulation material, superior insulation effect, reduce equipment power consumption;
n3. The use of advanced sealing devices to ensure that the equipment can be used under vacuum and atmosphere;
n4. The product uses a fully automatic control mode, configured with a 7-inch touch screen to track and display the device status in real time.
model NBD-T1000-200IT NBD-T1000-200IIT NBD-T1000-200IIIT
Electrical Specifications AC380V    8KW AC380V  12KW AC380V  18KW
Maximum temperature 1000 ℃ (<1hour)
Continuous temperature 900 ℃
Maximum heating rate ≤  20 ℃/min
Heating zone length 400mm 600mm 900mm
Furnace tube size
Control System 1. Adopt fully automatic control mode, real-time display of various data of the device with touch screen;
n2. The experimental process is more intuitive and the operation is more convenient;
n3. With over-temperature alarm, broken couple reminder, leakage protection and other functions.
Temperature accuracy +/- 1 ℃
Heating chamber Mo-doped Fe-Cr-Al alloy ring heating
Sealing system
Vacuum: ≤10Pa (self-equipped mechanical pump)
Pressure measurement and monitoring A mechanical pressure gauge with shock-absorbing oil is used to prevent damage to the pointer of the pressure gauge.
Gas supply system The float flow meter is used to control the gas flow rate, which is integrated with the equipment, and the leak test has been carried out before leaving the factory.
net weight 180KG 240KG 300KG
Precautions 1. When the furnace temperature of the equipment is ≥300 ℃, it is forbidden to open the furnace to avoid injury;
n2. When the equipment is used, the pressure in the furnace tube must not exceed 0.125MPa (absolute pressure) to prevent the pressure from being too large and breaking the sealing flange;
n3. The equipment is recommended to process polypropylene with high melt index fiber, and rotate the furnace tube by 180 ℃ after 200h;
n4. When used under vacuum, the operating temperature of the equipment shall not exceed <800 ℃
service support 1 year warranty, providing lifetime support (the warranty does not include consumable parts, such as furnace tubes and sealing rings, etc.
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