Diamond ultra-thin saw blade

product introduction:

Product model: NBD-QP25

Diamond ultra-thin saw blade is mainly used for cutting and grooving of brittle nonmetallic materials such as optical glass, precious stone, magnetic material, semiconductor material, crystal, fine to dense ceramic, hard alloy, high speed steel, die steel, etc. Advantages: high cutting precision, high wear resistance, high toughness, high finish, long service life.

specifications(mm) diameter aperture thickness Particle size species
Φ101.6*12.7*0.35 101.6 12.7 0.35 W40 whole sintering
Φ76.2*12.7*0.3 76.2 12.7 0.3 325/400 whole sintering
Φ78.5*40*0.43 78.5 40 0.43 325/400 whole sintering
Φ56*40*0.2 56 40 0.2 10-20 whole sintering
Φ56*40*0.2 56 40 0.2 325/400 whole sintering
Φ54*40*0.1 54 40 0.1 W28 whole sintering

Introduction to the selection parameters of fully sintered diamond saw blade

1. Selection of diamond particle sizeWhen the diamond particle size is coarse and single, the saw blade has sharp head and high cutting efficiency, but the bending strength of diamond agglomerates decreases.When the diamond grain size is fine or the coarse grain size is mixed, the saw blade head has high durability but low efficiency.Considering the above factors, it is more suitable to choose the diamond size of 50/60 mesh.

2. Selection of diamond distribution concentrationIn a certain range, when the diamond concentration changes from low to high, the sharpness and cutting efficiency of diamond ultra-thin saw blade gradually decrease, while the service life of diamond ultra-thin saw blade is gradually extended.But too high a concentration makes the blade dull.But using low concentration, coarse granularity, the efficiency will be improved.The use of different parts of the tool head in the sawing when the different role, using different concentrations (that is, in the three or more layers of structure in the middle layer can be used to lower concentration), sawing tool in the process of the tool head work on the formation of the middle groove, is conducive to prevent the saw blade deflection, so as to improve the quality of stone processing.

3. Selection of diamond strengthThe strength of diamond is an important index to ensure the cutting performance.Too high strength will make the crystal not easy to break, diamond ultra-thin saw blade abrasive particles in the use of polishing, sharpness decline, resulting in tool performance deterioration;When the diamond strength is not enough, it is easy to be broken after being impacted, so it is difficult to bear the important task of cutting.Therefore, the intensity should be selected in 130 ~ 140N.

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