Carbon Fiber Annealing Furnace

product introduction:

      From the details, after more than a hundred times of repeated refining, so as to create this delicate and beautiful appearance and a 7 inch touch screen operating system tube furnace. It is mainly used in the fields of crystal annealing, electronic lighting, 2-d material sintering, atmosphere protection sintering, vacuum coating, CVD experiment, material composition determination and so on.

 Configuration details

1. Double air-cooled structure;

2. High purity Al2O3 fiber refractory insulation material, energy saving and consumption reduction;

3. The high-purity alumina coating on the heating element can extend the service life;

4. NBD101 intelligent control system, let you worry free operation, 3 minutes to get started.

Product model NBD-O1200-50IT NBD-O1200-60IT NBD-O1200-80IT NBD-O1200-100IT
Electrical specifications AC220V    4KW
The highest temperature 1200 ℃ (<1H)
Continuous temperature 1100 ℃ (continuous)
Maximum heating rate ≤ 20 ℃/min
Heating zone length 440mm
The furnace pipe size Φ50*1000mm Φ60*1000mm Φ80*1000mm Φ100*1000mm
Temperature field distribution   As shown in the figure: here is the temperature curve of the equipment (size of the constant temperature zone: 260mm).
Control system   1. 15 temperature curves can be stored in advance to avoid the trouble caused by repeated Settings of different experimental processes;

2. The experimental process is more intuitive and the operation is more convenient;

3. Wireless control module can be selected to realize remote control;

4. It has the functions of over temperature alarm, broken couple prompt, leakage protection and so on.

The temperature precision +/- 1 ℃
Heating element   Mo – doped Fe-Cr-Al alloy
Sealing system      
Vacuum degree: ≤10Pa (mechanical pump)
Pressure measurement and monitoring   Mechanical pressure gauges with damping oil are used to reduce the back and forth swing of the pointer.
Gas supply system   The float flowmeter is used to control the gas velocity, which is integrated with the equipment and has been tested for air leakage before delivery.
The net weight 60KG
Precautions for equipment use 1. When the furnace temperature of the equipment is ≥300℃, do not open the furnace to avoid damage;

2. When the equipment is in use, the pressure inside the furnace shall not exceed 0.125mpa (absolute pressure) to prevent damage caused by excessive pressure;

3. When used under high vacuum (10 to the minus 3 Pa), the operating temperature of the equipment shall not exceed 800℃.

Service support 1 year warranty with lifetime support (warranty excludes consumable parts such as furnace tubes and o-rings)
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