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Rotary Atmosphere Tube Furnace

Rotary Atmosphere Tube Furnace

Rotary Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace is used for laboratory calcination and drying, high-temperature reaction, heat treatment, carbonization for positive and negative materials of Lithium-ion batteries, rare earth materials, chemical catalytic materials, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy materials, non-ferrous metal materials and powder materials, non-metallic mineral kaolin or granule-like material and so on. The users can get on protective atmosphere according to material sintering process.


Rotary Atmosphere Tube Furnace NBD-RT1200 Applications

Suitable for laboratory sintering and drying of battery negative and positive material,acid and alkaline powder materials,and granule-like material.The users can choose atmosphere protection according to materials sintering process.

Rotary Atmosphere Tube Furnace NBD-RT1200 parameter

1 Dimensions 17450mm×720mm×1230mm(L×H×W)
2 Tube size Φ60*400+Φ100*860+ Φ60*400
3 Working temperature 1150℃
4 working zone length φ100*L900mm
4 Heating rate ≥10℃/min
5 Heating element HRE
6 Chamber material Alumina fiber
7 Accuracy ±1℃
8 Chamber mode  horizontal
9 Production method Intermittent production
10 Heating power 10KW(full load)
11 Main drive power 0.12KW
12 electric push rod power 0.04KW
13 Tilting angle -5~35° adjustable
14 Operation mode English operating interface,7inch touch screen, smart fuzzy PID control
15 Max. temperature 1200℃
16 Heating zone 300mm*3
17 Presetting curve preset 15pcs sinteringcurve,30 segments programmable
18 Temperature curve record Real-time monitoring, dynamic display “time – temperature” curve
19 Thermal couple K type
20 Protection setting Over temperature alarm,over current protetion, broken thermal couple prompt
21 Flow control 60~60ml/min
22 Certification CE
23 Rotary sealing method liquid magnetic sealing
24 Standard accessories One quartz tube, english manual book


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