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High temperature Rotary Tube furnace

///High temperature Rotary Tube furnace

High temperature Rotary Tube furnace

High temp rotary tube furnace is used for laboratory calcination and drying, high-temperature reaction, heat treatment, carbonization for positive and negative materials of Lithium-ion batteries, rare earth materials, chemical catalytic materials, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy materials, non-ferrous metal materials and powder materials, non-metallic mineral kaolin or granule-like material and so on. The users can get on protective atmosphere according to material sintering process.



Vacuum High temperature Rotary Tube furnace Features:

  • Firing material evenly, the material moving in the chamber, heat evenly, ensure fully reflect of the material.
  • High heating efficiency, material movement increased heating surface
  • Complete automatic control ensures the operability of the system
  • Excellent dynamic sealing system
  • Products adopts automatic control mode, touch screen, digital display
  • Vacuum systems, working pressure, power systems and automatic matching, the gas flow of process, heating systems, motion systems, process, system monitoring and data acquisition

Vacuum High temperature Rotary Tube furnace parameter:

Model NBD-RT1000-76IT-F NBD-RT100-200IIT
 Tilting angle -5~+35° -5~+35°
Rotating speed


2~8r/min 2~8r/min
Tube diameter Φ76 Φ200
Tube material 314 310S
The length of the heating zone 200mm 600mm
Max. Temp 1100℃ 1000℃
Size(mm) L600






Power AC220V 4kw AC220V 9kw
Weight 45kg 180kg


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