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CVD Atmosphere Tube Furnace NBD-T1500-60IT-150D3F

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CVD Atmosphere Tube Furnace NBD-T1500-60IT-150D3F

1500℃ Double Zone CVD Atmosphere Tube Furnace is widely used in kinds of CVD experiments which reaction temperature is round 1450 ℃. It is also used for vacuum sintering, vacuum sintering under atmosphere protection, nano materials preparation, battery material preparation and other multiple research fields.



This CVD tube furnace system combines gas supply system and high temperature furnace system. The chamber body adopts double layer structure. Refractory layer uses advanced nano additive, And using an inorganic adhesive vacuum into different density of the composite layer. Anti-aging strength of high temperature increase, Significant energy savings effect.  Touch screen centralized control, more manipulative, more convenient.

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  • set the entire system in one, including sintering system,  three-way gas supply system, the vacuum system, automatic control;
  • Optional rotameter and mass flowmeters for air supply system;
  • Vacuum Pump starts and stops automaticly , automatic intake and deflation;
  • multiple parameter settings and display focus to a touch screen, English graphical interface;
  • One glance, you will get the sintering curve graph Varies with temperature.


Additional information

Product name

1500℃ CVD Atmosphere Tube Furnace System





Tube size

Φ60*1000mm alumina tube

Working temperature


Length of temperature zone

310mm(constant temperature zone length:260mm)

Heating rate


Heating elements

SiC rod

Chamber material

Imported alumina fiber Refractory insulation

Controlling accuracy


Chamber type

Horizontal type

Control type

7 "color touch-screen control, Intelligent Fuzzy PID Control

Max. temperature


Heating temperature zone


Temperature curve

preset 15 curves, every curve can set 30 segments ”time-temperature” curve

Gas control

3 channel float flow meter

Operating interface

English graphical interface, true color touch screen input, interactive mode

Temperature curve record

Real-time monitoring and dynamic real show "Time – temperature curve"


S type

Protection settings

Broken thermocouple reminder, Over-current protection, Broken thermocouple reminder


CE appliance


220V, 50HZ/60HZ, 4KW




One pcs quartz tube, vacuum Flange 1set, a pair of protective gloves, O-ring, 1pcs furnace hook, manual book.


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