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1500 ℃ Laboratory Sintering Muffle Furnace NBD-M1500-22IT

///1500 ℃ Laboratory Sintering Muffle Furnace NBD-M1500-22IT

1500 ℃ Laboratory Sintering Muffle Furnace NBD-M1500-22IT

1500 ℃ Laboratory Sintering Muffle Furnace NBD-M1500-22IT is special equipment for sintering, melting and analysis of metal ,non-metallic and other compound material under atmosphere of vacuum state, ideal helper for university, research institues.


1500 ℃ Laboratory Sintering Muffle Furnace NBD-M1500-22IT Main Features

  • Max temp.: 1500-1700 degree celsius;
  • superior quality special heating element between the charge and the heating element has the best anti-chemical properties;
  • Furnace chamber material is high-quality aluminum oxide fiber materials which insulation properties is excellent;
  • Preset 15 sintering curve , Classic design and touch screen graphic interface, easy operation;
  • Perfect thermal design makes the furnace temperature always lower than 50 ℃ when working;
  • double furnace shell and the additional air-cooling devices ensure the safety of the shell temperature;
  • the furnace is able to achieve accurate temperature control even for the lower temperature range in drying process.

1500 ℃ Laboratory Sintering Muffle Furnace NBD-M1500-22IT parameter

1 Brand NBD
2 Product name  1500℃ high temperature muffle furnace
3 Model NBD-M1500-22IT
4 Display 7 inch Touch screen (LCD), smart fuzzy PID control
5 Chamber Materials Alumina fiber (Al2O3)
6 Heating Element SiC rod
7 Working Temperature ≤1500℃
8 Max temperature 1450℃
9 Heating Rate ≤20℃(advice:10℃/min)
10 Chamber Size 220X220X260mm(12L)
11 Accuracy ±1℃
12 Heating curves 30 segments programmable
13 prsetting curve 15pcs
14 Operating interface  

English graphical interface, true color touch screen input, intelligent man-machine dialogue mode

15 Temperature curve record Real-time monitoring dynamic real show “Time – temperature curve”
14 protection setting Over temperature alarm, Over-current protection, broken thermocouple prompt
15 Thermocouple S type
16 Compliance CE
17 Working Voltage 220V 50Hz/60HZ
18 Power 4KW
19 Dimensions 560×830×650 mm
20 warranty 12 months limited warranty
21 package Plywood case
22 Standard accessories Block one piece,one piece Al2O3 base plate,crucible tong 1 piece, manual book

Additional information

Product name

1500 ℃ Laboratory Sintering Muffle Furnace NBD-M1500-22IT



Chamber volume


Working temperature


Heating rate

≤20℃(advise 10℃/min)

Heating Element

SiC rod

Chamber Material

Alumina Fiber



Chamber mode


Controlling mode

4.3 inch touch screen, smart fuzzy PID control

Max. Temperature


Heating zone


Temperature curve

15pcs sintering curves, 30segments programmable

Operating interface


Thermal couple

S type

Protection settings

Over temperature alarm, over-current alarm, broken thermal couple prompts







Standard accessories

One base plate,a pair of gloves, crucible tongs 1pc,manual book


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