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  • Are you a manufacturer?Yes, NBD is scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise, mainly engaged in the research, development, design,manufacturing and sales of laboratory high temperature electric resistance furnaces /oven/kiln used in materials scientific research.

  • Do we have our owned R&D team?Yes, we have our owned professional R&D department.

    The lab electric furnace is customized according to special sintering job of clinets.

  • What temperature of our standard lab electric furnace/electric oven/electric kiln?1200℃ lab sintering oven, 1500℃ lab sintering kiln, 1700℃ electric oven is avaiable.

  • What’s the furnace structure? Double shell with fan cooling or water cooling.

  • What is the material of the muffle furnace shell? Steel, powder coating.

  • What is the material of lab furnace chamber?High purity alumina ceramic fiber for the furnace chamber.

  • What  are the heating elements of the high temperature sintering furnace?Different heating elements for different temperature electric sintering furnace:

    1200℃           Fe-Cr-AL-Mo Alloy Resistance wire.

    1500℃           Silicon Carbide heating elements.

    1700℃          MoSi2 Heating elements.

    •  How to get our quotation?

      Pls tell us your detailed specification ,such as what is your sample?

      Sample size?

      Sample state, powder or blocks?

      what is the max temperature of your sintering job?

      Does your sintering job need atmosphere proteciton?

      Does your sintering job need vacuum? what is the vacuum degree?

    • What’s our delivery date? 

      Standard muffle furnace: within 2-5 working days after receipt of full payment.

      Customized high temperature laboratory sintering oven:  about 20 working days after receipe of 60% deposit.

      What is the method of shipment?

      By Sea;

      By Air;

      By Couriers, DHL, TNT, Fedex, UPS, etc.

      What certification do you get?

      We have got the CE certification.

    • What’s the  payment terms?