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How To Choose A Tube Furnace

//How To Choose A Tube Furnace

How To Choose A Tube Furnace


  1. Know your application

  • Single Zone vs Multi-Zone: Multi-zone furnaces have multiple independently-controlled, constant-temperature zones, which allows controlled temperature gradient or a longer heating zone
  • Horizontal (standard) vs Vertical: Vertical tube furnace provides smaller footprint and can be used for fast heating / quenching process
  • RTP (Rapid Thermal Processing): Slideable sample holder or furnace for maximum heating / cooling rate
  • Rotary Tube Furnace: Tube is rotated during heating for better powder processing / coating uniformity
  • Gas Processing Capability: Special models for Hydrogen gas processing and high-temperature corrosion research are available
  • Multi-Function: Tube furnace based complete systems, such as CVD, PECVD, HPCVD, ALD, Graphene & 2D material growth system, are available

2. Certifications for tube furnace

  • All NBD’s furnaces are assembled and quality controlled in China and CE certified

3. Choose working temperature

  • Please note there are maximum temperature (can be maintained < 1 hr) and continuous working temperature (safe, continuous use temperature)
  • The maximum working temperature depends on the heating element used, and can be divided into three categories:

    a. Working temp: ≤1150 °C       Max temp:1200℃ alloy heating element        K type thermocouple

    b. Working temp: ≤ 1450 °C       Max temp:1500℃ SiC heating element         S type thermocouple

    c. Working temp: ≤ 1650 °C       Max temp:1700℃ MoSi2 heatin element      B type thermocouple

  • Select the processing tube corresponding to the furnace max temperature:

    a. Quartz tube:            ≤ 1200 °C in 1 atm; ≤ 1000 °C under vacuum

    b. Alumina tube:          ≤ 1800 °C in 1 atm; ≤ 1500 °C under vacuum

  • Select the crucible corresponding to the furnace max temperature:

    a. Quartz crucible:      ≤ 1200 °C

    b. Alumina crucible:      ≤ 1700 °C

    c. Zirconia crucible:      ≤ 2100 °C

4. Choose heating zone length based on your sample

  • Please note there are total heating zone length (length covered by heating element) and constant temperature zone length (center zone with less than +/- 1 °C variation). Constant temperature zone is always shorter than the total heating zone. Please choose a tube furnace with a constant temperature zone longer than your sample for uniform heating

5. Choose the tube size (inner diameter) and crucible size based on your sample

  • Please choose the corresponding tube size and crucible size based on the sample volume

6. Choose input voltage

  • Choose between 110 VAC and 220 VAC depending on the country or region

7. Choose a vacuum pump

  • Select mechanical pump for vacuum up to 1.0E-2 Torr; select turbomolecular pump for vacuum up to 1.0E-5 Torr. To minimize oil particle contamination, oil-less pump (vacuum up to 1.0E-2 Torr) can be used to replace mechanical pump.

8. Customize your furnace by choosing from various furnace accessories provided by NBD

  • Controlled gas delivery,Flow meter & mass flow controller, vacuum / pressure gauge and controller

9. If any question on configuring your tube furnace, please contact NBDtechnical support to discuss your application needs.

  • Contact us by phone: +8618538509702, or email:

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