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2017 The 19th Nathional Conference On Electrochemistry

[ad_1] 2017 the 19th Nathional Conference On Electrochemistry was held at Shanghai International Conference Center from Dec. 01 to Dec. 04. There were about 5,000 materials scientists and researchers attending the meeting and exhibition. NBD Corporation held booth A03 to present mini muffle furnace NBD-M1200-10IC,mini tube furnace NBD-O1200-50IT,mini automatic rotary tube furnace NBD-RT1200-50IT,Rpid thermal processing [...]

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Temperature Distribution Of One Zone CVD Tube Furnace NBD-O1200-100IT

[ad_1] Temperature Distribution Of Dual Zone Tube Furnace NBD-O1200-100IT   The post Temperature Distribution Of One Zone CVD Tube Furnace NBD-O1200-100IT appeared first on Laboratory Muffle Furnace. [ad_2] Source link

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2017 ICEM – Laboratory Muffle Furnace

[ad_1] The 3rd International Conference On Energy Materials and Nanotechnology was held at Glory Hotel in Zhengzhou from April 14th to 16th. There were 500 attendees including researcher, scientists and students. Nobody Corp held booth to present rotary tube furnace, 1200C open tube furnace NBD-O1200-60IT,bottom loading dental zirconia sintering furnace NBD-B1700-12IT,box type muffle furnace NBD-M1200-10IC,mini [...]

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How to use and maintain alumina tube and quartz tube

[ad_1] How to use and maintain alumina tube and quartz tube FOREWORDS It is very important that the tubes and flanges installed on furnaces are set up and utilized properly. Having the necessary knowledge on their capabilities and functions will allow the user to perform experimentation under the most ideal conditions and attain the best possible [...]

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VLS Tube Furnace – Laboratory Muffle Furnace

[ad_1] VLS Tube Furnace NBD high temperature tube furnace is widely used in vapor–liquid–solid method (VLS) in laboratory of university and research institutions. In order to meet requirements of vapor–liquid–solid method (VLS). NBD developed single zone tube furnace, dual zone tube furnace, three zone tube furnace. NBD also can design tube furnace according to user’s special [...]

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How To Choose A Tube Furnace

[ad_1] Know your application Single Zone vs Multi-Zone: Multi-zone furnaces have multiple independently-controlled, constant-temperature zones, which allows controlled temperature gradient or a longer heating zoneHorizontal (standard) vs Vertical: Vertical tube furnace provides smaller footprint and can be used for fast heating / quenching processRTP (Rapid Thermal Processing): Slideable sample holder or furnace for maximum heating / [...]

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2016 China International Functional Materials & technological Exhibition

[ad_1] 2016 China International Functional Materials & technological Exhibition will be held on 26 July – 28 July in Chongqing Yuelai Congress Center, Chongqing, China. There are over 10,000 attendees and 2000 exhibitors in the conference. NBD Corporation hold a booth at # T23 with RTP tube furnace,CVD tube furnace, PECVD, box furnace, muffle furnace. [...]

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